Real Belize…the right way!

Located on 99 acres of pristine jungle and virtually on top of extensive and largely unexcavated Maya ruins, Lower Dover is an one of a kind eco-hostel where you can sleep in the jungle and and explore remarkable archaeological history.

Stay in the jungle, not in the city, and sleep at the #1 rated hostel in Belize! 

We are very close to the ATM Cave. Beat the crowds. Book and start your tour directly from Lower Dover.

A jungle retreat for every budget

Wake to the exotic sounds of the Belize rainforest in our well-equipped jungle cabins. We have cabins ranging from shared dorms to our luxurious honeymoon suite.

Wake to exotic sounds of the rainforest and organic farm life.

There is a clean, cozy, private cabana for every budget
(outside toilets, inside toilets, inside bathroom in air conditioned suite).

All shared dorm rooms have inside toilets, privacy curtains, mosquito nets and secure lockers.

Our hotel is within a major Maya city

Lower Dover is a significant Maya archaeology site in the Belize River Valley.

Learn the causes of the collapse in 811 A.D and theories why Maya regrouped here in 900 AD.

Be taught why British slavemasters and loggers established a basecamp here named DOVER in the 1600s.

Stay where history was made.

ATM-Cave: The heart of Maya Belize

Epic…the indescribable, extraordinary ATM cave, featured on National Geographic, is close to Lower Dover. Be the first in the cave and beat the crowds with top rated guides (advance reservations needed for peak periods).

For the budget traveler wanting to explore Maya pyramids and natural wonder, plan to stay an extra day for Do-It-Yourself tours by bus. For less than $10usd visit nearby Saint Herman’s Blue Hole, Xunantunich or Cahal Pech National Parks.

Free concierge service at check-in or reserve your all-inclusive tours now for ATM Cave,Tikal, Caracol, cave tubing, cave canoeing, horseback riding or zip-lining.

On-site Organic Winery

At Lower Dover we make our own delicious, fruity wine from the Hibiscus plant. It’s grown, fermented, bottled, and enjoyed in just one place: Lower Dover.

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