San Ignacio Farmers Market

Every Friday and Saturday Local farmers bring their produce and handmade goods to sell in a lively market in downtown San Ignacio. A great place to taste Belizean breakfast or lunch and see the local scene. Lower Dover is the perfect San Ignacio Hostel and is rated #1 in all of Belize!

San Ignacio is one of the more tourist-friendly towns in Belize, with a variety of restaurants keeping longer hours than in many other towns. There are a wide variety of restaurants, and many have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

The roads in town are quite walkable, and traffic is light. Most tourist necessities such as accommodation, restaurants, and markets are a few minutes' walk from downtown. To reach the Mayan ruins and travel around outside of San Ignacio, you can join one of our many tours.

San Ignacio Hostel

Lower Dover is a San Ignacio hostel like no other! Located outside the city, this is Real Belize...the right way!

Located on 99 acres of prime jungle and virtually on top of extensive and largely unexcavated Maya ruins, Lower Dover is an intriguing eco-hostel where you can sleep in the jungle and and explore some serious archaeological history. This is where Indiana Jones would have stayed if he were a backpacker.

Stay in the jungle, not in the city, and sleep at the #1 rated hostel in Belize!

Wake to the exotic sounds of the Belize rainforest in our well-equipped jungle cabins. We have cabins ranging from shared dorms to our luxurious honeymoon suite.

Wake to exotic sounds of the rainforest and organic farm life.

There is a clean, cozy, private cabana for every budget (outside toilets, inside toilets, inside bathroom in air conditioned suite).

All shared dorm rooms have inside toilets, privacy curtains, mosquito nets and secure lockers.