Zip Lining


This is an exhilarating experience with spectacular views and a perspective you won’t get anywhere else in Belize. This aerial canopy zip lining tour is approximately 2500 feet of main and safety cable.

You’ll hike into the rainforest and at the first platform, Station 1, you will be instructed by our expert guides on how to traverse from platform to platform. They will also describe the many safety features we have implemented in order to assure your peace of mind and maximum enjoyment of this fabulous heart pounding trek. This is also your final return platform.


You begin your aerial tour 60 feet above the forest floor. Secured by a body harness and protected with a helmet and gloves, you’ll be attached to a steel cable and travel the zip line between six separate tree platforms.

The first run to the second platform is the shortest distance, and is a “Test Run”. If you determine that you would not like to continue, you can exit at this juncture. Note that all of our stations have an exit option. From the second station you will zip along to the third station where you will ascend to a fourth platform on the same tree.

You will then zip to the fifth platform where your landing is near ground level. At this juncture you will have an option to continue your aerial canopy tour and ascend to the sixth station.

If you choose to continue your zip line tour, you will take the jungle lift to the platform for the final, exciting and longest zip back to the home platform. In either case you will end this exhilarating and memorable tour on a high note.