Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring in addition to my Passport?


EXTRA SOCKS if you are going to the ATM Cave since you will be sacrificing a pair of socks to Xibalba (Gods of the Underworld). In addition to the obvious bathing suits and shorts, we suggest you bring a tropical “clothing barrier” for insect and sunburn protection. Light weight long pants, a light weight long sleeve shirt and tube socks will be your best friend. Polyester blends are better than 100% cotton as polyester dries faster, is cooler and is lighter weight.

Protective Footwear:

Waterproof hiking sandals (KEENS/Newport style), Vans or old tennis/trainers for jungle adventures are a must to protect your feet. Boots are too hot and heavy. You'll be climbing on Maya pyramids, swimming in jungle rivers & hiking on muddy trails so best to have quick-dry footwear with an ankle strap and toe bumper. Soccer/futbol slip ons are better than flip-flops for your hang out footwear at the lodge because you can wear socks with them to protect ankles and calves from biting sand flies.

Sun screen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent:

Seasonal mosquito bed netting in the cabanas is available upon request.

To avoid plastic pollution and as a service to our guests, unlimited drinking water is free at Lower Dover so bring your own water bottle/canteen:

A few sets of binoculars are available for free to our guests. Parrots and toucans fly by your cabanas between 4-6pm daily but are gone in a flash. Instead, enjoy the views from your private veranda with a glass of Lower Dover wine in hand.:

Headlamps (bring fresh batteries) or cell phone with light apps:

Handy for Saint Herman's Cave DIY exploration and walking around the compound at night.

Biodegradable toiletries:

Earth friendly soaps and shampoos are appreciated. Bathing is magical in our 4 freshwater pools. Our rainwater cabana showers are heavenly.

Can you arrange tours and transportation to nearby attractions for us?

Yes. Ask us for a list of adventure options and tour packages or check out the tour tab.

What are your reservation procedures and terms and conditions?

When you make a reservation at, we do not require a deposit. It is somewhat of an experiment but we are evaluating the trade-offs. In the past, we required PayPal deposits to make a reservation but our Canadian, Europeans & Latino guests were PayPal challenged plus we had to pay a steep bank fee for secure on-line transactions. Now if you make reservations directly from our website then pay cash for lodging and tours at check out then no bank commission is involved and everybody wins because prices are kept low. We do accept Visa/MC but still prefer cash. There are ATM Cash Machines in Belmopan, San Ignacio, Belize City & on the cayes so plan ahead.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

LODGING: A MINIMUM of a 48 hour email is what we request to cancel so that we can open the room up for another reservation. If you make a reservation yet do not stay on the dates reserved, a 50% cancellation fee will be assessed for the unoccupied lodging reserved. Cancellation Karma: Not showing up at all after you have a confirmed reservation & you haven't notified us (nor make a deposit)? We will sit back and watch the entertainment as the cosmos takes revenge on your inconsiderate manners. Things like broken down transport, traveler's sickness or immigration nightmares WILL eventually catch you if you stiff us.
LAST SECOND TOUR CANCELLATION IS A NO-NO: If you instruct us to book a tour we consider that a verbal contract. No cancellations are allowed within the 48 hour MINIMUM cancellation notice. Things like last minute change of plans or bad weather don't cut it. Like a German guest once said, "There is no such thing as bad weather or missed flights, there's only bad planning." 100% tour price will be added to your lodging bill for tours cancelled less than 48 hours before the reserved tour.

What is the check-in time?

Check-in time is 2pm but we are flexible with early arrivals with advance notice. There is NO LUNCH SERVICE at Lower Dover so eat before you get here. On arrival, most guests relax by swimming in the many natural pools or in the river that is located just minutes from your cabana. Take our dogs for a swim with you. They'll love to cool off too.

What is the check-out time?

Check out is at 10am. We like to settle all open invoices the night before you leave.

Can I store my luggage after checkout?

We have safe locations for you to keep your bags.

Lower Dover Field Station will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to personal property during your stay or during your adventures. We provide locks and keys for each room, and a locker for each bunk-room guest.

Lower Dover Field Station will not accept responsibility for any delays, additional expenses or inconveniences which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside our control such as late arrival of flights, severe weather, acts of God, acts of government, illness, or the failure of any machinery or equipment. Travel insurance issued at the time of booking from your travel agent or via services on the Internet can offer you protection from most unanticipated problems.

What happens if there are damages incurred during my stay at Lower Dover?

Replacement costs (Local Belizean or USD prices plus import duty/transport fees) will be assessed before you leave. If you neglect to inform us of damages or refuse to pay, then Karma will hit you hard since Lower Dover has the right to have Belize hotel police stop you at the border and restrict you from exiting the country!