Mountain Pine Ridge

Lower Dover provides excellent access to the attractions found in the Mountain Pine Ridge via the Georgeville Road. Sites to see include Hidden Valley / 1,000 Foot Falls, Caracol, Rio Frio Cave, and the Rio On Pools.

All four attractions can be seen in one day but you have to plan for a full day’s adventure. Paving the road from just beyond the Guacamaya Bridge to Caracol has helped to reduce the travel time but the remaining roads are dirt and care should be taken.






The Maya Mountains are uplifted metamorphic rocks with limestone flanks and with granite intrusions located in the Mountain Pine Ridge. The result is an interesting mix of vegetation and physical features. The Mountain Pine Ridge gets its name from the pine forest located along the ridge of the mountains.




The pines can grow because of the acidic soils created by the granite. The limestone flanks are heavily forested with deciduous broad-leaf species. The transition is quite noticeable and the topography makes for an interesting drive.

Caracol remains the primary destination for most Pine Ridge visitors. If you choose not to venture to the Falls, its best to make a straight shot to the ruins and see Rio Frio Cave and the Rio On Pools on your return. The Rio On Pools offer a refreshing spot to relax and enjoy a swim in a series of cascading pools carved in the granite.

The trip out of the Pine Ridge offers some nice views of the Belize River Valley just before you reach the Western Highway.

Mountain Pine Ridge Tour

This tour departs at 8:30am and takes you through the Mayan villages of Cristo Rey and San Antonio, after which we drive to the Rio Frio Cave, hike on a jungle trail, tour the cave and then drive to Rio On pools for picnic lunch.

After lunch we drive to the very scenic 80 ft Big Rock water fall.

Guest need to have on a swim wear and proper foot wear for this tour.