Swirly Head Hibiscus Wine is made from Hibiscus sabdariffa.
In Belize we call it “Sorrel”, in Spanish “Flor de Jamaica”.

Hibiscus contains many healthy antioxidants proven to improve high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, blood flow, and digestion. It contains more antioxidants than grapes.

Swirly Head Belize Fruit Wines uses the freshest, organically grown hibiscus from Lower Dover in Western Belize. 


We ferment using only rainwater, organic fruit, sugar, and wine yeast. All planting, harvesting, production, and bottling is done by hand at Lower Dover.

Swirly Head Wine is unfiltered, contains no sulfites, and is ready to drink.

Try Swirly Head Hibiscus Wine chilled by the beach as a rosè. Serve it at room temperature as a sherry style digestif. Or warm it (don‘t boil!) with a cinnamon stick to beat the next cold front.

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